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Join our Easter Camp for egg-cellent adventures! Starting in...








Fact-finding Pre-meeting form

Completing this form plays a vital role in helping us gain valuable insights about your school. It serves as a key step in assessing the potential launch of a successful camp within your school grounds.

Thanks for being a part of this adventure—it brings us one step closer to an amazing camp experience at your school!

Camp History

Wraparound Care Information

Gaining insights into your wraparound provisions is crucial in assessing the feasibility of a camp, as it allows us to understand the needs of parents who often require childcare during term time and also seek additional childcare during the holidays.


When schools actively participate in promoting our camps, it creates a mutually beneficial partnership.

If we were to collaborate, would we have the ability to implement the following strategies to promote our provision and ensure a successful launch?Select one of the following*